Here's My Approach

Conversion optimisation is less about individual experiments, and more about processes and strategies that allow multiple experiments.

A hypothesis-based strategy ensures objectivity, and gives you the best chance of learning and winning from your experiments.
A good process with well-defined procedures gives your team a sense of involvement, and ensures you have analysis-rich experiments.
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How to determine what metrics you need for an A/B test

If you don’t learn anything actionable from your experiments, then those experiments have failed you. This is avoidable if you track the right metrics. Here’s how…

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8 powerful levers for Conversion Rate Optimisation

How we can utilise powerful conversion levers to experiment with purpose…

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Lessons in scaling and “productising” an Optimisation Process or…an exercise in cloning

How does one scale themselves to avoid becoming a bottleneck? I had this problem and experimented with a solution to resolve this. In this article, I describe the process along with details on how it went…

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How to test big successfully

Testing big is sometimes necessary. I’ve written a detailed guide about how to go about it successfully…

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A visual guide to counting traffic into your A/B test

Understanding how and what traffic is counted into your experiments is super important. It’s not all that complex either as we’ll discover here…

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